Lucky Car Giveaways


Only participate in our promotions after you have read and agreed with the terms and conditions stated below.


1.The promoter

The promoter is Luckycomp registred with company number 12155589″ in England and Wales. The office address is GARAGE NMB 4 ,SUNDERLAND CLOSE ,ME13AS,ROCHESTER


2.The competition

2.1. What is the competition?

The promoter is hosting question answering competitions in which entrants must use their skill, knowledge and judgment to answer correctly and get the opportunity to win a prize.


2.2. Competition questions

The answers given to the competition questions must be correct in order to enter and compete for the prize.


2.3. Eligibility to compete

Anybody above 18 years old is eligible to participate except the promoter, their family and their employees. To be eligible for the competition, entrants must be responsible for informing themselves about the laws in their region. The promoter will not be held responsible in any way for entrants that enter the competition unlawfully.


2.4. Competition period

Competition period can vary but it shall always be stated on the promoter’s website and Facebook every time a new competition is announced. The competition can either last until the entries are sold out, or it can have a set time frame, such as one week. Entrants must inform themselves by reading the information provided. When the maximum number of entries of a competition is sold out, the competition will always close. The promoter can prolong the closing date by 4 weeks in the eventuality of unsold entries.


2.5. Entering a competition


2.5.1. Register on the website

Entrants must be registered on the website to be able to participate in any competition, answer the question and purchase their tickets. All entrants are asked to create an account on


2.5.2. The participation in a competition does not guarantee the entrant that they will win the prize.


2.5.3. To answer the competition questions entrants must use their skill, knowledge and judgment.



2.5.4. The maximum number of entries is stated on each competition page.  This can vary depending on the value and odds of the competition, but must never exceed 8 entries.


2.5.5. Personal data 1What personal data is needed?

Before entering any competition, entrants must submit all the personal information that are requested by the promoter  in the competition form. This may include: full name, full address, date of birth, valid e-mail address, valid phone number. Frequency of submitting personal data

Entrants will have to submit this information every time they enter a competition. What will the data be used for?

Personal information will serve the promoter for notifying the winners of the competitions, to share their name on the website and social media channels, to verify the winners and to comply with the privacy policy. This data may also be entered into a data based, printed or used for publications, without further compensation to the entrant. Data accuracy

Entrants are responsible for providing accurate information. If the promoter cannot get in contact with the winner due to inaccurate information, the promoter will not be responsible of the failure to reach them and deliver the prize. Card details & payment

Entrants will be asked to fill in their card details in order to make the electronic payment of the number of entries that they wish to purchase.  The card details will not be stored nor be used in any other context. The card details may be used in order to verify its legitimacy. Once the payment has completed, no refunds shall be made unless the entry has been submitted after the closing of the competition or if the promoter cancels the competition. Postal Entry Route: – If you wish to enter any of our competitions for free then you must send an unenclosed postcard via First Class post stating: Which competition you would like to take part in, the answer to the question specific to that particular competition along with your personal details as follows;

Full Name
Date of Birth,
Postal Address
Email address
One contact number.
Remember postcards must also contain the correct Answer to the question for the competition desired.

Entrants MUST have an active account on our website at the time the free entries are processed, all details on postcards MUST match those on the account to which they are to be added.


All free entries must be received before the close of the competition , Any entries that fail to follow the criteria mentioned above will be void as per any Entry received.


2.5.5. Confirmation & entry list

Entrants will receive a confirmation of their purchase along with their ticket number(s) via e-mail.


2.5.6. Entry list

The list containing all the entries will be available to download via the website and will be updated every 24hrs. The complete list of entries will also be published on the promoter’s Facebook page once the competition has ended, at least 6 hours prior to the draw. The entry list will only contain the ticket number(s). Participants are responsible for identifying their number.


2.5.7. Winner The draw

The winner of each competition will be determined using Google Random Number Generator live on the Facebook page of the promoter. The promoter shall always draw the winning entry number live via their Facebook page. Time & date of draw

The draw of each competition will be either announced while the competition is active, either when the competition has closed. In the second case, the exact date and time of the draw shall be communicated on the promoter’s website and Facebook page in the next 48 hours after the closing of the competition. Number of winners

There will only be one winner per competition, unless stated otherwise on the product page and/or Facebook. Announcing the winner

The winning ticket number will be announced live during the draw, along with the first name of the winner. The promoter shall then contact the winner via phone and inform them about their success. Redraw

The Promoter reserves the right to redraw a prize if the initial winner does not satisfy the terms and conditions or if not reachable and thus not claiming their prize within 7 days.



2.5.8. Prize Before claiming their prize, the winner must provide their personal information for identity verification. The Promoter will transfer the ownership of the prize to the winner. Any post-transfer responsibility over the prize is no longer the responsibility of the promoter. The promoter does not provide warranty for their prizes, unless stated otherwise via the product webpage and/or Facebook. The collection of the prize is the responsibility of the winner. The winner must pick up the prize at the location agreed with the Promoter, in Kent area. The winner may also ask the promoter to deliver the prize, in which case also the winner must cover the costs. The promoter will not be held responsible for any damage, loss or injury that a winner may experience after the ownership transfer of the prize.


2.5.9. Photo/video material of the Winner

The winner must agree to appear in photo/video material that the Promoter is collecting for promotional purposes.  Their name and photograph may be published, unless otherwise discussed between the promoter and the winner.


2.5.10. Special cases If the number of entries does not reach the maximum of entries to be sold for a competition, the competition will either close and the prize will be awarded to the winner. In the eventuality that the proceeds are not enough to award the prize, the promoter reserves the right to allocate the remaining sum of money after deducting their operational expenses. The promoter will not be liable for any error that the entrant might have encountered during their purchase caused by computer issues, internet problems or server failure. If the entrant tries in any way to interfere with the well functioning of the website, their entries must be annulled.



3.These terms and conditions must not be regarded as a contract between the promoter and the entrant.



These terms and conditions have been formulated by Lucky Car Giveaways, therefore cannot be copied and used as property of others.